Work with me

I create marketing strategies and offer digital marketing and growth solutions

Creativity and storytelling

What to say and how to say it?

Brands need to create a story, define a message and develop the communication elements that will be used to deliver that message. Texts, photography, videos, graphic design… All focused on transmitting the essence of the brand to the right audiences.

Mastering Storytelling

Creation of stories focused on connecting with the emotions of each target audience. Stories that attract, surprise, thrill and sell.

Digital ecosystem

Social Media: content marketing and community management

Strategy, content creation and social media management.

Website, CRM & email marketing

Design, programming and maintenance of websites and databases to carry out successful email marketing strategies.

Ads campaigns

We create the best campaigns to boost your brand and sales with landing pages, test A/B, google ads and many other growth marketing techniques.



Every strategy requires market research focused on people’s emotions and behaviour. Understanding what we do, why we do it and for whom helps us drive growth and capitalize on each of the brand’s marketing actions.


In a mature market saturated with brands, we will only stand out if we can connect with emotions. The emotion behind a true and honest purpose is unique and very powerful.


To grow, you have to segment the brand’s ecosystem into differentiated audiences and create specific messages for each of them.


The strategies must be adapted to the possibilities of each company and its main strategic objective.



If you want to know how I work, we can start with a half-day workshop in which we will analyze the current marketing situation of the brand and the possible areas for improvement.

Outsourced marketing

Many small and medium companies cannot afford their own high performance marketing teams. That is why I work with companies that want to play in the Premier League, leading their marketing strategy as well as training internal teams when they lack the requisite marketing and communication skills.


I teach at EAE Business School and organize In-House training sessions on marketing and communications, particularly focused on teams without vast knowledge of marketing who want to keep up-to-date with the latest trends and improve their brand strategy.