My story

I have been creating
stories since I can remember

I was that schoolgirl who won the writing contest, the teenager who wrote travel journals on every family trip, the one learning to paint and the one practicing photography skills. I even had a small photography laboratory at home while I earned my degree in Advertising and Public Relations. Now I create stories for brands that connect with people and focus on generating sales.


I am a successful entrepreneur. I founded, an online magazine for restless minds, interested in wine, food and travel; and co-founded Can Bonastre Wine Resort at the age of 26, the first luxury wine resort in Spain. During this time I attended ESADE, a global institution structured as a Business School, a Law School and an Executive Education centre, to learn Strategic Management of Business Communications.

I am always creating and tirelessly looking for new challenges. Before starting my entrepreneurial adventure, at the age of 22 I decided to travel the world and lived abroad for several years. First in Milan, then in San José de Costa Rica and after that in Buenos Aires, working for some of the world’s top media companies.

Continuous learning

I never stop learning, because marketing and communications change and evolve every day so I have to keep track of what is new for brands and consumers.

I have already graduated twice from Stanford Graduate School of Business to reinforce my leadership in executive education programs such as Leadership for Women Leaders and global marketing skills in the program Strategic Marketing Leadership.

From a young age, I watched my grandfather working hard to create a great company in the pharmaceutical industry. His perseverance, his intuition and his tireless effort have always been an inspiration to me. He instilled in me a business vision and focus on results. Perhaps that’s why in my free time I choose activities in which I don’t have to compete, so I can truly relax. Yoga and walks in the mountains with my two cocker spaniels are usually among my first picks.

I am always ready to rethink established marketing strategies, review the communications plan and work on a brand’s storytelling to connect with the audience through emotions. Understanding emotions and knowing how to manage them is the key to success.